Complete App Script

Voicemail Script

Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services.

I'm calling because we are following up on your mortgage application. It has yet to be completed.

I will follow up with you again tomorrow or you can give us a call back at (949) 828-1084.

Have a wonderful day.

Opening Statement

Hello, is this [INSERT LEAD NAME]? Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services calling on a recorded line. How are you?

[Pause for response]

Great. We asked you to complete our mortgage application, but we have yet to receive it. You did get the link to the application, right?


--Answer questions they have if any then ask them questions --

Complete app questions

*Questions below:

-- Move to closing --

Closing Statement

Great. Once we get the application we will contact you about moving forward to get you approved. Ok.

-- Answer then end the call --

Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

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