Home Saver Script

Voicemail Script

Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services.

We understand a notice of default was filed and we would like to talk to you about options to save your home.

I will follow up with you again tomorrow or you can give us a call back at (949) 828-1084.

Have a wonderful day.

Opening Statement

Hello, is this [INSERT LEAD NAME]? Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services. How are you?

[Pause for response]

-- Wait for confirmation --

Great, We understand a notice of default was filed and we would like to talk to you about options about saving your home. Is this a good time to talk to you about this?


Great, how far are you behind on your mortgage?- (Complete in the form below)

Ok, we have a program that could help you get caught up on your mortgage so you can stay in your home. Would that help you out?

That is great. I just need to get some basic information from you, ok? Can you verify your address for me, please?

- Answer Questions, then move to Qualification --


Ok, what time of day is good for you to talk to you about this?

Great. How about I call you back around _______. Would that be a better time for you? Great, we'll talk then.


Qualification & Scheduling

*Qualify using the Qualifying Questions below:

Type of property
Primary home
HOA Dues
Marital Status
Working Status
What would they like to do?

*scheduling appointment:

Great. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

I would like to schedule a time with you to talk with one of our agents to give you more information about this program. Let me check our calendar. What time zone are you in? What is the best time of day to talk to you?

--Go to Scheduling. Suggest two times you think would work for them---

Ok, I can have Carl call you at ____ 30 your time or would ____30 be better?

-- Go to Scheduling –

-- Get a response and select the appropriate day; Book for the soonest available time if possible --

Loan Advisors

Introduction Call

30 Mins

Closing Statement

-- Once confirmed, move to closing --

We look forward to speaking with you on [INSERT DAY AND TIME]. We will be calling you from a 949 number, Ok.

-- Answer then end the call --

Great! Thank you for your time, [LEAD NAME].

Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your address?

I am not interested.

You may not be interested in buying a home now, but you may be in the near future. Is that fair to say?

We can set up a custom search for you that goes right to your inbox. Can we set that up for you?

Hours of operations?

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