Loan Disclosures Script

Voicemail Script

Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services.

I'm calling because we are following up on your loan disclosures. We have yet to receive them. Please complete them as soon as you can so we can continue to process your loan.

I will follow up with you again tomorrow or you can give us a call back at (949) 828-1084.

Have a wonderful day.

Opening Statement

Hello, is this [INSERT LEAD NAME]? Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services calling on a recorded line. How are you?

[Pause for response]

Great. We asked you to complete the loan disclosures, but we have yet to receive them. Did you receive them?


--Answer questions they have if any then ask them questions --

Complete app questions

*Questions below:

-- Move to closing --

Closing Statement

Great. Once we get your loan disclosures we will contact you about moving forward in processing your loan. Ok.

-- Answer then end the call --

Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

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