Cold Call Script

Voicemail Script

Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services at KW.

I’m following up on our email.

I will follow up with you again tomorrow or you can give me a call back at (949) 828-1084.

Have a wonderful day.


Hi, [GATEKEEPER NAME] this is Carla with Mortgage Services at KW. Can I please speak with [LEAD NAME]?

-- If questioned why? --

Absolutely. I’m following up on our email correspondence.

-- Once transferred move on to Diffusion --


Hi [LEAD NAME], did I catch you in the middle of something?

-- Wait for response --

Yes -> Okay, I'll make this super quick.

No -> Great.


My name is Carla with Mortgage Services at KW. We Helping People Buy Their Dream Home for $0 Down.

I saw that you’re doing [REFERENCE SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR CURRENT MECHANISM]. How is that going?

-- Go to Qualification --


Enter Your Information
anyone else?
Down Payment?
Working Status

-- Go to Scheduling –

*when scheduling appointment:

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

What I would like to do is set up a time for you to meet with Carl Holmes who can show you how we are helping Buy Their Dream Home for $0 Down.

Does [DAY] at [TIME #1] OR [TIME #2] work for you?

-- Get response and select the appropriate day; Book for the soonest available time if possible --

Excellent. To confirm, we have you scheduled for [INSERT DAY] at [INSERT TIME]?

-- Once confirmed, move to closing --

Closing Statement

Thank you again [LEAD NAME] for your time today.

We look forward to speaking with you on [INSERT DAY AND TIME].


Frequently Asked Questions

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