0 Down Script

Voicemail Script

Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services.

I'm calling because you showed interest in getting more information about our $0 Down Home loan program.

I will follow up with you again tomorrow or you can give us a call back at (949) 828-1084.

Have a wonderful day.

Opening Statement

Hello, is this [INSERT LEAD NAME]? Hi, this is Carla with Mortgage Services calling on a recorded line. How are you?

[Pause for response]

-- Wait for confirmation --

Great. We saw that you showed interest online in finding and buying a home with our $0 down loan program. Is this a good time to talk to you about this?



--Answer questions then move to Qualification --


Ok, what time of day is good for you to talk to you about this?

Great. How about I call you back around _______. Would that be a better time for you? Great, we'll talk then.

Qualification & Scheduling

*Qualify using the Qualifying Questions below:

Enter Your Information
anyone else?
Down Payment?
Working Status

*scheduling appointment:

Great. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

I would like to schedule a time with you to talk with us to tell you more about how we can help you find a home. Let me check our calendar. What time zone are you in? What is the best time of day to talk to you?

--Go to Scheduling. Suggest two times you think would work for them---

Ok, I can have Carl call you at ____ 30 your time or would ____30 be better?

-- Go to Scheduling –

-- Get response and select the appropriate day; Book for the soonest available time if possible --

Loan Advisors

Introduction Call

30 Mins

-- Once confirmed, move to closing --

Closing Statement

-- Once confirmed, move to closing --

We look forward to speaking with you on [INSERT DAY AND TIME]. We will be calling you from a 949 number, Ok.

-- Answer then end the call --

Great! Thank you for your time, [LEAD NAME].

Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

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