Home Buyer Apt Script

Opening Statement

Hello, is this [LEAD NAME]? Hi, this is Carl with Mortgage Services. How are you?

[Pause for response]

Great. You asked us to give you a call to help you to find and buy a home. What part of __________ county are you looking to move to?


--Answer questions they have if any then ask them questions --

Complete questions

*Questions below:

Enter Your Information
Rent or Own
anyone else?
Down Payment?

-- Move to closing --

Closing Statement

Great. I have enough information to get started on your pre-approval. We will need you to complete our application. I can send you the link now. [ Send link via text ] I just sent you the link. Did you get it?


Great. You can complete the application on any device. It's very easy to use. Once you complete it we will receive your application and you will get a list of documents we will need to verify your income. When do you think you will be able to complete the application?

[Wait for a response]

Ok, great. If we get the application on [the date they say] we can over it on [open date on the calendar]

[Make follow up appointment]

Loan Advisors

Introduction Call

30 Mins

Ok, so we can't go over the application if you don't complete it. Get it in and we will go over it and work on getting you pre-approved. Talk to you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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